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At our place, you can not only rely on the necessary guidance to obtain your driver’s license, but we go the extra mile. We take the responsibility to ensure that after obtaining your driver’s license, you can participate in traffic with full confidence and maximum safety.

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The best theory course in the Netherlands for 20 years

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Experience a worry-free start to your driving journey in Amsterdam with our convenient pick-up service. We will pick you up and ensure that you can start your lessons right away. Enjoy convenience and peace of mind as you learn to drive safely and confidently in the bustling city environment.


What is the minimum age to start driving lessons?

In the Netherlands, you can start taking driving lessons from the age of 16.5.

Do I need to pass my theory exam before I can start taking driving lessons?

No, you can start taking driving lessons before passing your theory exam. However, you must have passed your theory exam before you can take the practical exam.

On average, how many driving lessons do I need to pass my driver's license test?

The number of required driving lessons varies per person. The average is around 35 to 45 lessons, but this can depend on individual factors such as experience and learning ability.

What is the difference between an intermediate test and the practical exam?

A intermediate test is a practice exam that is similar to the actual practical exam. It is conducted by an examiner but does not count towards obtaining your driver’s license. It does provide you with the opportunity to get accustomed to the exam conditions and receive feedback.

Can I exchange my foreign driving license for a Dutch driving license?

Yes, it is possible to exchange a foreign driving license for a Dutch driving license. However, the exact procedure and requirements may vary depending on the country where your foreign driving license was issued.

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Can I also come to you if I have a fear of failure (faalangst)?

Yes, absolutely! At Rijschool Bergfeld, we welcome learners with a fear of failure. Our instructors are trained to be understanding and patient, and they have experience in guiding individuals with this fear. Together, we will work on building your confidence, reducing stress, and developing effective strategies to manage your fear of failure. Our aim is to create a supportive and positive learning environment so that you can obtain your driver’s license with confidence and success.